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It is our firm belief that being inspired and seduced by exciting and innovative design reflects on our wellbeing and improves our everyday living. We have to use a number of objects in our everyday lives, so they might as well be beautiful objects!

iQONIK collection is our vision of unique, exclusive design, often with a daring, playful touch. With attention to detail and respect for materials as a must, blurring the lines between art, decoration and design, iQONIK pieces are both: highly expressive and finely-crafted.

All feature surprising aesthetics as well as remarkable technical innovations and manufacturing skills. Each piece communicates its own “story”.

Brand’s focus is on producing the iconic objects of our times. With its bold, but timeless design, at times ironic and cheerful, iQONIK wishes to help create atmospheres and emotional landscapes that personalize our living and working spaces.

Live, love, share and enjoy!